Lower Emissions Allowance

We're excited to introduce the new BMW Lower Emissions Allowance, offering €2,000 towards a variety of new BMW models with CO2 emissions below 130g/km*. That's €2,000 on top of our existing offers and on top of your trade-in price. 



If you’re driving a diesel car (BMW or otherwise) that is EU4 emissions standard or older, you’re eligible for our Lower Emissions Allowance. Trade-in your car and we’ll offer a fair trade-in price and €2,000 towards a variety of new BMW models with CO2 emissions below 130g/km*, on top of our existing offers. You need to have owned the car you’re trading in for at least 12 months and the new BMW you’re purchasing must be registered in the same name and address as your existing car.

New 2017 MINI Models available with Lower Emissions Allowance (CO2 = 130 g/km or less):

BMW 1 Series (118i, 116d, 118d, 120d, 125d)

BMW 2 Series Coupé (218i, 218d, 220d, 225d)

BMW 2 Series Convertible (218d, 220d, 225d)

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer (218i, 220i, 225xe, 216d, 218d, 220d)

BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer (218i, 216d, 218d, 220d)

BMW 3 Series Saloon (318i, 320i, 330e, 316d, 318d, 320d)

BMW 3 Series Touring (318i, 316d, 318d, 320d)

BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo (318d, 320d)

BMW 4 Series Coupé (420d)

BMW 4 Series Convertible (420d)

BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé (420d)

BMW 5 Series Saloon (520i, 530e, 520d, 525d, 530d)

BMW 5 Series Touring (520d, 525d)

BMW 7 Series (740e, 725d, 730d, 740Le, 725Ld, 730Ld)

BMW X1 (sDrive18i, sDrive18d, xDrive18d, xDrive20d)

BMW X5 (xDrive40e)

BMW i (i3, i3 with Range Extender, i8)


* Trade-in model eligibility rules and other Terms and Conditions apply. You must act quick as this scheme only runs until the 31st December 2017.



To find out the EU emissions standard of your current car, just ask our team to check if you are eligible. 

Call us on 01 240 5666 or email us on info@frankkeanebmw.ie